Conservatory Blinds

Got a new conservatory? or an existing one that’s becoming too hot to sit in. Then Blinds are the answer, for both the sides and the roof. As can be seen from the main picture, Pleated Blinds in the roof can be nicely complimented with Vertical Blinds at the sides. This particular job, in Torquay, involved 3 Vertical Blinds, 11 Shaped Pleated Roof Blinds and 2 Roller Blinds, with scalloped edges, to the adjoining kitchen. It was a long days fitting, starting at 9am and as can be seen by the other picture, finishing at sunset. And what a stunning sunset and view from this lovely Torquay property.


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Roman Blinds in your fabric

As well as my comprehensive range of fabrics for Roman Blinds, I also provide a service where I can make Roman Blinds from your own fabric, or a fabric you have sourced from elsewhere. I recently fitted 6 Roman Blinds for a customer in Teignmouth, see photos on this blog. The customer came to me with a fabric she liked, and from there it was a simple process of working out how much fabric would be needed, for the Blinds she required, ordering the fabric and then getting the blinds made up and fitted. The whole process took just 5 weeks from order to fitting. So if you would like some Blinds made up with your own fabric give me a call or fill in the request form below.


Roman Blinds in customers own fabric


My Own “Perfect Fit” Blinds

Ever since moving in with my partner, I’ve wanted Blinds at the windows in my office, so I can see the computer. However, due to the lovely views, she didn’t want that obscuring (see main photo). Here’s where “Perfect Fit” Pleated Blinds provide the ideal solution and keeps us both happy. I can work on a sunny day and my partner gets to see the stunning views when the Blinds are up. They are so discreet that when I first showed her the windows, with the Blinds up, she didn’t notice there was anything there. Could they be “Perfect” for your situation? If you’d like to find out give me a call or fill out the form on this page and I will get back to you.



my own

New Tools To Improve Effeciency

After nearly 10 years of trouble free service, my DeWalt 18v Ni-CAD Combi Drill seized at the weekend.

As a result I went out and purchased a new Lithium Ion version of the same drill.
As a bonus, and thanks to John at Chelston Rewinds, in Torquay, the old drill was brought back to life.

So now I won’t be caught out by a faulty drill, or dead battery, as I now have 2 drills, each with 2 batteries to see me through the longest fitting days.

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New Tools To Improve Effeciency

Are your windows too wide for blinds? (NO!)

You may think your windows are too wide, or high, for Blinds. Don’t worry, there’s always a solution.

The Verticals I recently fitted, in the pictured conservatory, in Exeter are a perfect example.
The front of the room was nearly 5 metres across, yet I fitted a single track Vertical Blind, with a split draw, so the central doors could be opened.

Verticals can also draw all to one side, they can even draw to the opposite side to where the controls are if this is more convenient.

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“Perfect Fit” with a perfect view!

What a stunning view! Unfortunately, being South East facing, this conservatory, in Maidencombe, near Torquay, gets a lot of sun for large parts of the day.

So, to shade the sun, but not obscure any of the view when the sun wasn’t out, “Perfect Fit” Pleated Blinds were ideal. One of the windows was too large for a standard tensioned Pleated Blind, but I overcame the problem by fitting a freehanging Pleated Blind, within a Perfect Fit frame.


Apart from one hanging cord, the difference is hardly noticeable and the Blind works perfectly.


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Why I Love My Job

There are many reasons why I enjoy what I do..
I’m my own boss, I help people make their homes look better at a reasonable cost, I get to work in a lovely part of our country and get to work with views like some of those on this page.

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Why I Love My Job

30 year old steps bite the dust

I’ve had trusty old set of aluminium steps since I started nearly 30 years ago. Due to wear & tear and a few sharp edges, they were consigned to the scrap heap today after ripping two pairs of jeans & cutting my knee!


The enclosed picture shows the smart new, BS approved, steps that joined my team today. Looking forward to using them tomorrow when I’ve got a roller blind, several wooden Venetians & lots of pleated roof blinds to fit.


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30 year old steps bite the dust

Working with The National Trust – Printed Blinds

I have just completed a contract with Brightsea Print Group, to supply and fit 6 Roller Blinds for The National Trust, at Lydford Gorge on Dartmoor.

As can be seen from the pictures, the blinds were all digitally printed with The National Trust logo, in various sizes, as requested by The National Trust themselves..

Many thanks to John Smith, at Brightsea, for considering me for this project and hopefully I can look forward to working again with both Brightsea and The National Trust.


Printed blinds are not something I undertake every day but certainly an option where if required, for any more info on these, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!





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