Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner and it’s the time we start looking at things around the house to clean, repair or even replace. .

When it comes to blinds, all options are available with Dave Musgrove Blinds. I’m always happy to supply & fit new blinds, but  equally I’m happy and available for repairing & cleaning your old blinds.

I can repair all types of blinds, from a simple broken cord to replacement of components.

The cleaning service applies to metal venetian blinds only. You’d be amazed how an old venetian blinds, with dirty, fraying cords, can be brought back to life by a clean and cord replacement and all at the fraction of the cost of a new one. What’s more, most repairs can be carried out on site, with venetian cleaning requiring removal with normal return the same day.

So, if you want your blinds sprucing up for spring, or just want to replace them, give me a call or fill out the form ion this web site and I will get back to you.

Pleated Roof Blinds – A Hidden Gem

Conservatory too hot?

It is a fact that, in a modern conservatory, the majority of the heat comes through the roof.

This problem can be easily solved with pleated roof blinds. Roof blinds are self supporting and require a simple pole to operate all the blinds in your conservatory roof.

Don’t worry if you roof isn’t square or rectangular. Pleated roof blinds can be made to fit all shapes & sizes. The attached photo is of a pleated roof blind recently fitted in Babbacombe, Torquay.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are currently the most popular choice of window covering.

There are many reasons for this, but the main two are their versatility and the cost. At the moment verticals are the least expensive way of covering a window. Vertical blinds come in hundreds of colours, both plain and patterned. They are also available in vinyl fabrics, particularly suited for kitchens and bathrooms and blackout fabrics, which are ideal for bedrooms.

There are also solid vinyl slats, which combine blackout with ease of cleaning.

Vertical blind headrails are available in white, brown, silver, black or champagne gold. All cords and chains are secured with the latest child safety features. However, we also have the Louvolite Monocommand system, which avoids the needs for cords and chains and so makes them ideal where young children are around.
The attached photo shows a large vertical blind recently fitted to a block of flats, overlooking the sea front, in Torquay.


As always, if you would like any advise or a price, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact form on the website.

Child safety blinds

Is your home child safe?

Since 31st March 2013 all blinds fitted have to conform with new Child Safety Laws, regarding cords and chains.

All our Blinds conform to EN13120 for Child Safety.
However, blinds fitted, before these new laws, were normally fitted with free hanging looped cords and chains, in the case of venetian blinds, very long cords when the Blinds were pulled up.
At Dave Musgrove Blinds we can now make all your existing blinds child-safe for just a minimal cost.

Also, if you are buying new Blinds, we will make any existing blinds you have child-safe free of charge, as a thank you for ordering your new blinds.

So, if you would like all the blinds, new and old, in your house child-safe CALL NOW of fill in the form on this web site for a call back.

Sloping Vertical Blinds

Unusual windows, like the one in the featured photo, or sloping sides of a conservatory.

Whatever the problem, there is a blind to fit that window.

Vertical blinds are ideal for sloping windows, but whatever the shape there is a blind to do the job, for instance, a round port hole style window can be fitted with a venetian blind.

Pleated blinds can be made to fit most straight sided shapes.

Whatever the problem, Dave Musgrove Blinds can suggest a solution.

..and remember, my advice is free, so give me a call!



New Branding On My Blinds

Had some blinds fitted by me?

Have a problem?
Want some more?
Want some free advice?
Need them cleaned or repaired?

All my contact details are now on every blind I fit, so just look at your blinds and give me a call, email or message through the website!

Blind Repairs

Broken blind?

Snapped string?

Blinds just looking a bit shabby?

Many companies will suggest replacing with a new blinds, but here at Dave Musgrove Blinds, our first option is to repair.

We can restring and replace most components in a Vertical Blind, plus replace individual louvres or weight and chains.

Pleated blinds can be restrung, roller blind side chains and mechanisms are easily replaced.

As for venetian blinds, they are my speciality. These can be cleaned, restrung, serviced and most of the individual components are replaceable.

So.. if you’ve got a blind that’s looking a bit tired or not working properly, give me a call and maybe it can be given a new lease of life, at a fraction of the cost of a new one!

Block the light – not the view!

Many of my customers have some awe inspiring views across Torbay, and the surrounding areas of South Devon. A common question I get asked is “will these blinds not spoil my view?”.

This picture showing a great peep of Torquay harbour gives a perfect example and how fitting vertical blinds doesn’t have to spoil your beautiful view. You can turn to any angle to filter or block the sun. Or simply tilt at just the right angle to maintain privacy, but still be able to enjoy the view.

Dave Musgrove

New embroidered clothing

Today I have received my new branded clothing which consists of jumpers, polo shirts, shirts, ties and a coat.

I would like to give a big shout out to Ace Printwear for the supply and embroidery.

I look forward to seeing you all in the new year and would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year.

Dave Musgrove
Dave Musgrove

Plastic venetian advice

Thinking about saving money by investing in some of the cheap “plastic” venetian blinds on the market?

These blinds can be purchased for anything between £10 & £25. However, proper venetian blinds have steel top & bottom rails, and aluminium slats.

The “plastic” versions are all plastic, including the headrails. I have often been called out to repair a blind and got there to find a “plastic” venetian, where the headrail has snapped under the strain of the blind. Unfortunately there is no repair. These “plastic” blinds also do not like the sun. “Plastic” venetian blinds that gets regular exposure to the sun will warp & buckle within just a few short months. So be warned, “plastic” venetian blinds are a false economy, and now you know why!

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