New Zealand Golf Challenge 2017 (NZ Part 2)

As part of visiting my son, Nick, in New Zealand, I was able to take his golf clubs out to him.  This enabled us to renew our family rivalry on the golf course.  We played 7 games in total, all in beautiful mid summer conditions (February in UK), on some top quality golf courses.

I started slowly and by the last week was 3-2 down with 2 to play.  The golf, by both of us, had been a mixture of brilliance and utter rubbish to that point, but with victory in Nick’s grasp, I found a very windy day, on a tough course, the time to find my true form.

I managed to shoot a gross 72 on a par 71 course to level the series.  The final game was the closest match of the lot and ended on the final green where I just missed a ten foot putt to lose by one hole and so give Nick overall victory 4-3.  I’d like to say I was being a good Dad and missed that putt on purpose, but those who know me, including Nick, know I really wanted that putt!  We now plan for the next challenge to take place in either Ireland or Scotland sometime during the summer of 2018.  I’d better start selling some Blinds and saving.  On that note if you would like a quote, or just some advice, give me a call or fill out the form on this web site and I will get back to you.