Are Your Blinds Child Safe?

Did you know, that since April 2014, all Blinds fitted have to comply with British Safety Standard EN13120 for Child Safety. This means all looped cords & chains have to be secured at a safe height and all single cords tied off to a cleat, again at a safe height.
At 7AM yesterday morning I went into Croft Hall Medical Practice and made all their existing Blinds, in public areas, child safe. This caused them little inconvenience, as I was gone before surgery opened and was relatively inexpensive for them.
Are all your existing Blinds Child Safe? If not, give me a call, or fill out the form on this page and I can give you a free, no obligation, quote to bring all your Blinds up to the required standard and give you added peace of mind, regarding your children’s safety.



Child safety blinds