Dave Musgrove Blinds to the rescue!

During the recent hot spell, 2 seagull chicks fell from next door’s roof.  After a couple of days of being dive bombed by the parents I went to investigate.  Unfortunately one of the chicks hadn’t survived, but one had.  It did however appear to have a damaged wing.

On calling the RSPCA I was advised to try and catch the chick and place in a box for collection, within 24 hours.  Not easy, with the constant dive bombing, with claws out, but I managed it, with the help of my partner and a golf umbrella.

The RSPCA duly collected the chick the following morning and after a couple of days the mother eventually went away.  As a Torbay resident, not a great fan of seagulls, but it’s hard to leave a young helpless chick to suffer and possibly be taken by a cat or other animal.

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