Golf… It’s only a game, right?

When not working my favourite activity is golf. I would say spending time with my partner, but she’d tell you I was lying. Then again I come behind the dog with her, so fair enough!
I first played golf on a family holiday in Newquay in 1971. I played with my Dad on day one, then borrowed his clubs to play several more times on that holiday on my own. That was it, I was hooked.

Now in my fifties, I’ve managed to maintain a 5 handicap for over 25 years, not too bad. I’ve always loved sport, playing football & cricket for many years, but golf will take me through to old age. The most precious times now on the golf course are the days spent playing with my two sons Matt & Nick. Matt plays for fun and gives me a good game with a shot a hole, but with Nick the competition is quite fierce. Before travelling around the world Nick was also playing with a handicap of 5 and our matches with each other are always do or die!

It’s a great game and definitely character building.
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Golf... It's only a game, right?