Venetian Blinds Information

Wooden Venetian blinds have grown in popularity over the last 10 years. Venetian blinds were first patented in this country in 1769 and 1841 in the USA. Back then all were made of wood, but over the years, with the advent of aluminium, slats were made of this new alloy, enabling them to be thinner & lighter.

In recent times there has been a move back to the classic design of the Wooden Venetian blind. My Wooden Venetian blinds come in a wide range of wood colours as well as designer colourways. I also supply & fit Faux Wooden Venetian blinds, made of uPVC. These look almost identical to their wooden counterparts, but have the advantage of being more suitable for kitchens & bathrooms. Wooden Venetian blinds come in 3 slat widths, 25mm, 35mm & 50mm. The attached photo is of a white 50mm Wooden Venetian blind, recently fitted in Teignmouth.